Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs

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COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) is an international partnership of researchers, universities, librarians, open access book publishers and infrastructure providers. It is building community-owned, open systems and infrastructures to enable open access book publishing to flourish.

Open access book publishing stands at a crossroads: one avenue leads to the monopolisation of open access by large commercial publishers and for-profit intermediaries, with infrastructures and funding systems set up to serve those businesses and their approaches; the other opens up a more diverse, scholar-led, community-owned, and not-for-profit publishing ecosystem that enables smaller and more community-focused presses to thrive and multiply.

Work packages


Opening the Future logo

Opening the Future

Opening the Future (OtF) is a collective subscription model that, through its membership scheme, makes library funds go further: achieving the dual objectives of increasing collections and supporting Open Access.

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Open Book Collective

The Open Book Collective (OBC) offers a single platform where libraries can find, assess, and sign up to support OA book programmes.

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Thoth (/toʊt, θoʊθ/, Greek Θώθ < Coptic Ⲑⲱⲟⲩⲧ < Egyptian ḏḥwtj) is an open metadata management and dissemination system for Open Access books.

Research publications

For a full list of reports and publications, see Milestones & Deliverables.


Open Access Monographs: Myths, Truths and Implications in the Wake of UKRI Open Access Policy


Scaling Small; Or How to Envision New Relationalities for Knowledge Production


Promoting and Nurturing Interactions with Open Access Books: Strategies for Publishers and Authors


The Promise of Collaboration: Collective Funding Models and the Integration of Open Access Books into Libraries


Academic Libraries and Open Access Books in Europe. A Landscape Study


Books Contain Multitudes: Exploring Experimental Publishing


Revenue Models for Open Access Monographs 2020


WP5 Scoping Report: Building an Open Dissemination System
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