WP1: Project Management & Outreach

diagram of COPIM's infrastructure comprising its various open-source application platforms

WP1 coordinates activities across the COPIM project, fosters exchange across Work Packages, manages public dissemination and outreach activities, and maintains technical infrastructure for project management and communication.

Internally, WP1 ensures that the overall project meets its objectives within budget and scheduled timescales by monitoring project progress, tracking deliverables, and reporting back to the funders. Together with all partners involved, it organizes biannual project meetings, publishes reports on project progress and provides the communications infrastructure for all Work Packages.


WP1 manages all external communications and outreach activities. This includes maintaining COPIM’s social media channels and promoting activities from the various work packages, liaising with external partners, organising internal conferences and workshops, and organising COPIM’s presence at external conferences and events.


In accordance with the project’s overall aims of enabling openness in book publishing, COPIM’s project infrastructure is built on open-source software. We lead by example in managing our project using entirely open systems and by maintaining those systems ourselves wherever possible.

Where the project is developing new software such as Thoth, this software is also licensed with open-source licenses and made publicly available to facilitate community improvements and experimentation.

diagram of COPIM’s infrastructure comprising its various open-source application platforms

Our project management and outreach infrastructure includes:

Services which are not hosted by external providers are hosted on a dedicated virtual Linux server provided by Coventry University Digital Services.

Key deliverables and impact

The key deliverables for WP1 include:

  • A project website and social media presence
  • Organisation of stakeholder workshops and internal and public conferences
  • Annual reports on project performance
  • Gary Hall (Coventry University)
  • Janneke Adema (Coventry University)
  • Lucy Barnes (Open Book Publishers)
  • Tobias Steiner (Coventry University)
  • Simon Bowie (Coventry University)