Copyright in the Context of Archiving & Preservation of Open Access Books workshop, March 07, 2023


Participating stakeholders:

external: Copyright experts, preservation experts, librarians, and open access publishers.

internal: Loughborough University; British Library; Jisc; Open Book Publishers; Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).

➡️🔍🖺 Documentation available here: Workshop on Copyright in the context of Archiving and Preservation of Open Access Books

Date & time:

Tuesday, March 07, 2022 @ 2.30pm GMT.


COPIM (Community-Led Open Publishing Infrastructures for Monographs) is a 3.5-year project funded by Research England and Arcadia, that will develop and build the critical underlying modular components to support the sustainable publication of open access (OA) books, including infrastructures, business models, governance procedures, re-use strategies, preservation structures, and outreach programs. These systems and infrastructures will be open and collectively managed for the common good. Towards this end, COPIM aims to develop a significantly enriched not-for-profit and open-source ecosystem for OA book publishing that will support and sustain a diversity of publishing initiatives and models, particularly in humanities and social sciences publishing.

COPIM’s Work Package 7, which is investigating open access monographs and their archiving and preservation, is also interested in learning more about Copyright and Reuse, and related issues that these might mean for approaches to reusing, archiving and preservation of books.

Workshop aims:

This invitation-only workshop will comprise participants from various groups involved in the creation, publishing, and archiving of open access monographs.

Topics covered include:

  • Reuse permissions

  • Licensing

  • Third party content

  • How licensing affects archiving

  • Academic engagement

  • “Fair use” / “fair dealing” in the context of OA monograph publishing

  • Risk appetite & risk analysis for the small publisher

  • Cost of licensing / financial element