Joint COPIM and DPC workshop, 16 September, 2020


The Technical Issues of Archiving Third-Party Material in OA Books

Participating stakeholders:

external: Archaeology Data Service, Cambridge University Library, Educopia, Internet Archive, Library of Congress, Los Alamos National Lab, Portico

internal: Loughborough University, Open Book Publishers, the British Library, DPC, Jisc

➡️🔍🖺 Documentation available here: COPIM Archiving and Preservation Workshop, September 2020


The workshop is co-hosted by COPIM and the DPC.

COPIM (Community-Led Open Publishing Infrastructures for Monographs) is a 3-year project funded by Research England and Arcadia, that will develop and build the critical underlying modular components to support the sustainable publication of open access (OA) books, including infrastructures, business models, governance procedures, re-use strategies, preservation structures, and outreach programs. These systems and infrastructures will be open and collectively managed for the common good. Towards this end, COPIM aims to develop a significantly enriched not-for-profit and open source ecosystem for OA book publishing that will support and sustain a diversity of publishing initiatives and models, particularly in humanities and social sciences publishing.

The DPC (Digital Preservation Coalition) exists to secure our digital legacy, enabling members to deliver resilient, long-term access to digital content and services, helping them to derive enduring value from digital assets and raising awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological challenges they face. They achieve these aims through advocacy, community engagement, workforce development, capacity-building, good practice and good governance.

Workshop aims:

This is a scoping workshop, the first in a planned series, which aims to bring together participants with expertise in web archives, research data, library repositories and scholarly publishing. The discussions will feed into a report on current best practice, and possible future developments, in preserving and archiving open access books.

The workshop is organized around the following questions:

  1. What are the challenges of archiving/preserving third-party material?
  2. How can we overcome them?

Header image by Jamais Cascio on Flickr, CC BY 2.0