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The infrastructure used by open access publishers must be driven by, and responsive to, the varied needs of an international scholarly community. A key aspect of COPIM is therefore that it privileges close working relationships between publishers, librarians, infrastructure providers, and other members of the scholarly community.

COPIM is an international partnership comprising


Thanks to funding from OPERAS-P, a European Coordinator for Open Access Book Publishing has been working jointly between OPERAS-P and COPIM, based at Open Book Publishers, between 2020 and Fall of 2021. The European Coordinator has been working to facilitate exchange between the various library and scholarly publishing communities within the EU and the COPIM project.

All in all, COPIM is fostering engagement with the work packages’ variety of stakeholders (i.e., librarians, publishers, scholars, technology providers, and the general public), bringing together key experts and those interested in learning more about scholar-led not-for-profit OA book publishing. In addition to the workshops organised by COPIM and participation at more than 30 international conferences, the COPIM team has also contributed to events and workshops held by external stakeholders and organisations working towards goals that are mutually beneficial (following the previously mentioned principle of ‘scaling small’).

These organisations include Invest in Open Infrastructure‘s Future of Scholarship project; the Knowledge Futures Group; the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA); OPERAS; the Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER); the Next Generation Libraries Project; The British Library; OpenAIRE, COAR, and EIFL; the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA); the publishing initiative and project cache; and the Open Access Books Network.

In addition to that, notable collaborations were sought with e.g. the European Science Cloud’s Provider Marketplace and EOSC Pillar; the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research-funded projects KOALA, CODRIA, and Scholar-led Plus, the German scholar-led.network initiative, the German National Research Data Infrastructure for Culture consortium NFDI4Culture, LYRASIS, and the Embedding Preservability project.


Project members

group photo of COPIM project team members circa January 2020

in alphabetical order:

Janneke Adema (WP1, WP4, WP6; Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Coventry University)
Kristin Antelman (UCSB Library)
Javier Arias (WP5; Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Lucy Barnes (WP1/Outreach; Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Miranda Barnes (WP7; Loughborough University)
Simon Bowie (WP1, WP6); Coventry University
Francesca Corazza (WP2; punctum books)
Gareth Cole (WP7; Loughborough University Library)
Joe Deville (WP2; Mattering Press, ScholarLed, Lancaster University) 
Tim Elfenbein (WP5; Open Book Publishers)
Martin Eve (WP3; Birkbeck, University of London) 
Judith Fathallah (WP2; Lancaster University)
Rupert Gatti (WP5, WP7; Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed, Trinity College Cambridge)
Tom Grady (WP3; Birkbeck, University of London) 
Gary Hall (WP6; Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Coventry University)
Patrick Hart (WP4; Coventry University)
Ross Higman (WP5; Open Book Publishers)
Eileen Joy (WP2; punctum books, ScholarLed) 
Martin Keegan (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Julien McHardy (WP6; Mattering Press, ScholarLed)
Susan Miles (British Library)
Izabella Penier (WP2; Lancaster University)
Ronald Snijder (OAPEN)
Livy Snyder (WP2; punctum books)
Niels Stern (WP5; OAPEN)
Tobias Steiner (WP1 & Outreach; Coventry University)
Graham Stone (WP5; Jisc)
Alessandra Tosi (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed) 
Ilkay Holt (WP7; British Library) 
Paul Wheatley (WP7; Digital Preservation Coalition)  
Lidia Uziel (WP4; UCSB Library)
Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei (WP5; punctum books, ScholarLed)


COPIM Emeritx

in alphabetical order:

Sherri Barnes (WP4; UCSB Library)
Emily Bell (WP7; Loughborough University)
Eelco Ferwerda (OAPEN, DOAB)
Elli Gerakopoulou (WP2; Lancaster University)
Marcell Mars (WP6; Coventry University)
Samuel Moore (WP4, WP6; Coventry University)
Agata Morka (WP2; Open Book Publishers, OPERAS-P)
Dan Rudmann (WP2 & Outreach; punctum books, ScholarLed)
Dominic Walker (British Library)