group photo of COPIM project team members circa January 2020

in alphabetical order:

Janneke Adema (WP1, WP4, WP6; Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Coventry University)
Kristin Antelman (UCSB Library)
Javier Arias (WP5; Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Lucy Barnes (WP1/Outreach; Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Miranda Barnes (WP7; Loughborough University)
Simon Bowie (WP1, WP6); Coventry University
Francesca Corazza (WP2; punctum books)
Gareth Cole (WP7; Loughborough University Library)
Joe Deville (WP2; Mattering Press, ScholarLed, Lancaster University) 
Tim Elfenbein (WP5; Open Book Publishers)
Martin Eve (WP3; Birkbeck, University of London) 
Judith Fathallah (WP2; Lancaster University)
Rupert Gatti (WP5, WP7; Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed, Trinity College Cambridge)
Tom Grady (WP3; Birkbeck, University of London) 
Gary Hall (WP6; Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Coventry University)
Patrick Hart (WP4; Coventry University)
Ross Higman (WP5; Open Book Publishers)
Eileen Joy (WP2; punctum books, ScholarLed) 
Martin Keegan (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Marcell Mars (WP6; Coventry University)
Julien McHardy (WP6; Mattering Press, ScholarLed)
Susan Miles (British Library)
Izabella Penier (WP2; Lancaster University)
Ronald Snijder (OAPEN)
Livy Snyder (WP2; punctum books)
Niels Stern (WP5; OAPEN)
Tobias Steiner (WP1 & Outreach; Coventry University)
Graham Stone (WP5; Jisc)
Alessandra Tosi (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed) 
Dominic Walker (British Library) 
Paul Wheatley (WP7; Digital Preservation Coalition)  
Lidia Uziel (WP4; UCSB Library)
Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei (WP5; punctum books, ScholarLed)


COPIM Emeritx

in alphabetical order:

Sherri Barnes (WP4; UCSB Library)
Emily Bell (WP7; Loughborough University)
Eelco Ferwerda (OAPEN, DOAB)
Elli Gerakopoulou (WP2; Lancaster University)
Samuel Moore (WP4, WP6; Coventry University)
Agata Morka (WP2; Open Book Publishers, OPERAS-P)
Dan Rudmann (WP2 & Outreach; punctum books, ScholarLed)