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COPIM is a major strategic international partnership, which brings together the strengths of established scholar-led presses with the long-standing expertise of key institutional partners. It is building infrastructure that will enhance the impact of research internationally. COPIM also promotes a community-based approach for the collaboration of academic institutions and industry stakeholders, developing innovative approaches for knowledge exchange that can facilitate long-term transitions to an open publication ecosystem for monographs, and ensure a diverse ecology of publishers.

COPIM will benefit the general public and the economy by maximising the dissemination and impact of research. The adoption of COPIM’s infrastructures, business models, preservation structures, and governance procedures will enable economic sustainability and enhanced capacities for open access book publishing at different scales. It will offer Higher Education institutions and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences researchers sustainable publishing models they control, increased publishing options, and cost-reductions to build a more horizontal and co-operative knowledge-sharing community.